Tuesday, 20 January 2015

M6991 Top

I've just done  a Pattern Review of McCalls 6991

McCalls 6992 View A

Thank goodness for a skimpy black bra..

Here's my silk top looking all innocent and picturesque. I can tell you right now if it wasn't real silk in double sided python print gorgeousness this top would have come very close to ending up in the dark recesses of the Spare Wardrobe Never to see Daylight again. Thank goodness I have been sewing for forty something years (gulp!) and knew that the lack of clarity with this pattern's description/instructions/drafting were not my fault. For the full rant please do read the pattern review linked above.

Basically the problem anyone would have with this view of a potentially great pattern is that bias armholes drop and you can't get away with using the same size armhole for a sleeveless bias drape top as you do for one with a roomy sleeve. Also the instructions that don't remind you to stabilize first.

I mean, I should have known but I suspect a beginner would have been in a real mess with this, so I will repeat here what I said in my pattern review: 

Come on McCalls! Draft a separate front piece for View A instead of giving us a second top nobody seems to be making, and give us proper step by step instructions for a bias garment! 

Having ranted twice, I feel much better thanks. I like the top. They're the in thing!
I will wear it to an upcoming party. I'll consider making it in silk crepe, if I find the perfect can't-tell-one-side-from-the-other print. This one catches the breeze and turns into a balloon. Ok I love it anyway..

Keep on Sewing,


  1. You have turned out a lovely top Val, but McCalls don't make it easy, do they. Well done on the pattern review. I just made a muslin for another new McCalls, and it was so frustrating I don't think I'll go any further with it. So frustrating. I'm onto some easier now, much better. I've been sewing over 50 years (started as a wee child), and find the big 4 patterns becoming less helpful every year. Back in the 60s they were perfect couture sewing.

  2. Thank You. I have the very, very similar top pattern from DrapeDrape, which is all one piece, same underside shows on the left front. I had similar sizing problems that I put down to the stretch in my fabric, so i've not completed it. Your review seems spot on & I do appreciate you taking the time to write it.
    Your fabric is divine and it has turned out very cute, in the end ;)

  3. It looks fabulous on you! I am off to read your review as I have the pattern and would love to try it for spring.

  4. Glad you persevered. Love your top. Very stylish and now.

  5. Well done on getting the top to work for you, so sorry it was such a nightmare and this is where I feel sorry for anyone that hasn't worked with bias.

  6. Thanks ladies.
    Sharon when you look at the pattern piece the grainline arrow is not on the bias but of course it drapes on the bias, and the curve of the armhole ends up on the bias. It's hard to explain until you run one up.

  7. All is well that ends well! Your new top is very stylish.

  8. Despite the challenges (off to read your review now), I think the top turned out really well. Very chic!

  9. It's gorgeous. I love the crossover. Shame about your troubles with the pattern but glad you persevered!

  10. Certainly worth the effort, it's very pretty!