Saturday, 21 March 2015

Change of Season Refashion

It's the reverse of spring here in Sydney, the start of cooler rainy weather and a welcome end to Summer's heat.

I've been going through my wardrobe, getting rid of things that are no longer being worn and that I know won't be worn and also making a salvage/alter/remake pile. I gave two shopping bags full of clothing to charity and am half way through filling one more.  Next I'll be sorting the winter things from the summer and making some sense of my closet.

I tend to do that at this time of year but this time my pile to keep for reuse/redo is bigger than ever. This redo project was inspired by a Emma One Sock tutorial on refashioning tee shirts. It's worth a look!

I had a zipped frankenpatterned Kwik Sew sweatshirt-jacket blogged about here  that I had worn for several winters but didn't want to throw out even though it had gone tired and a bit saggy. I took out the separating zip and the lining and serged the raw edges and stitched it closed at the front and now have a  casual but different sweatshirt to throw over jeans and tees. Perfect for this time of year.

Stormy weather. My plants are loving it.

In my mental queue there are stash knit teeshirts I want to sew..and autumn dresses, and a black jacket.. As usual I have more projects crowding my mind than I have time to sew. Anyone want some of my extra mojo?

Edited to add:  Please read this My wrinkles are my stripes over on Advanced Style. It's inspiring!

What are you all planning for your change of season?
Have fun with it whatever you do,



  1. Great refashion! I think it is a change of weather problem a few of us have, I need to focus on what I need as like you there are just too many ideas.

  2. True - all of a sudden I'm seeing gaps in my wardrobe.

  3. A very clever refashioning, Val. As ever, I have lots of plans, most of which will not eventuate. I am looking for a grey tweed fabric to mix with a bit of pleather for a winter dress. The girl in Spotlight said she had never heard of tweed.....I give up!

    1. She didn't know what tweed was? I wish you were kidding but I know you are not. Oh Dear. Time to come to Sydney and do a material tour!

    2. Definitely - after Canada!

  4. Yes, Val, you can pass some of your sew-jo this way ASAP!