Tuesday, 17 March 2015

M6711 Skirt

There are reviews of every component of M6711 on Pattern Review. The pattern includes the skirt, pants, jacket, top and dress.  Pattern Reviews for M6711 I initially bought this pattern for the floaty summer dress - which of course I did not get around to making, but at least I've made the skirt! The more I see of the pants and jacket the more I think I might use this pattern for all its pieces eventually.

This skirt project started with my falling in love with the Parisian street scape print. I would see it in Spotlight and walk past it and leave it. It is a stretch cotton sateen with the print as a border on both sides facing the middle and the stretch of the material going up and down the print, in other words crosswise. Nevertheless I finally caved in and bought it. I looked through my pattern stash for a straight gored skirt and M6711 fit the bill. The skirt front pattern has three pieces, the back four as it has a CB seam. Enough to break up the big print. I did end up piecing the side sections until I got the repeat of the cyclist that I wanted, so my front ended up 5 pieces. The crosswise seams are gratifyingly swallowed up by the print.

I don't often line skirts but I lined this one to prevent bagging out at the rear as the stretch goes up and down the garment. I also took care not to make it too tight for the same reason.

The back has a little slit for walking ease. The pattern is short and as I changed my mind about having it that short 'finished length 23 1/2 inches' I ended up with a small hem using bias tape.

A lined skirt would have been too hot throughout the summer we've just had but will be an ideal in between weather item. I will definitely be using this pattern again but with a non stretch woven.

Here's a close up of the print.

Have a good week,



  1. Good looking skirt wish I could see the print better.

  2. Great skirt.Looks like it will get lots of wear.

  3. Thanks ladies.
    Sharon I got home and took a quick close up.

    1. Thank you Valerie, it is a great print.

  4. Cute skirt. Love the print and the way you placed the cyclist across the front.

  5. Love this Paris print, and the way you broke it up like that. Brilliant! What a nice pattern, Val.

  6. Nice skirt. I like the Paris print.