Saturday, 13 June 2015

Knit Dress from Kwik Sew 2759

There's been way more sewing than blogging around these parts this year. I've had a few experiments disasters that haven't rated a mention including a striped linen jacket that didn't quite work mismatchedwonkyfrumpy. Then there's been a lot of practical sewing, three winter tops that I haven't blogged about. I will try to get to blog one of them which is another frankenpattern that may be of interest..

Meanwhile there was one outstanding success. What a relief! My daughter asked for a clone of a favourite dress and I came up with this.

The material is a scuba knit from Lincraft.

The inspiration dress below is a little tunic/mini that DD bought last summer from Millers.

Now, I've got to tell you that in the past my efforts at cloning garments from scratch has brought mixed results and I would far rather start with an existing pattern as a base if I can find one close enough. This dress is drafted snuggly through the shoulders then goes wider under the arms. I knew I'd seen something like it in my stash somewhere and dug out all my knit top and knit dress patterns.

The one that I ended up starting with and modifying was the cardigan from the Kwik Sew 2759 twinset reviewed many times on Pattern Review here. I could not find it on the Kwik Sew/McCalls website so it may be out of print. It is one of the patterns that was expertly drafted by the late Kirstin Martensson.

Anyway I took the pattern and modified the neck, added neck binding, narrowed the shoulders to a size S, with the body at a size M, added to the sides and length continuing in the A line of the original dress.

Edit:  I noticed later when I was putting all the pattern pieces away that the front neck I drew is the same as the front neck from the tank that is part of the twin suit pattern.
The back neck was copied from the RTW dress.

It all came together well. Needless to say the drafting of KS is better than what I could mange on my own ;)

The sleeve was relatively untouched except it was widened a little at the sides while retaining the size S sleeve cap.

The result? DD has already made the dress a work staple and wants me to try a sleeveless top version with bound armholes. Well I do still have the leftover material  :)

Note. I know there are purists that will be horrified that I cut into KS patterns but I know enough to modify it back to a cardi for me if I ever choose to. Also my time and tracing material was limited!

Happy sewing,



  1. I love the print on that fabric! Although I confess that I am not a huge fan of scuba. I tried making a top out of some and found it really stiff and it turned me in to a sweaty Betty. Does your daughter like wearing it? Could be the quality of the stuff I used. It was cheap and very much wet suit like. Maybe I should try again with something nicer.

    1. What Lincraft calls 'scuba' is closer to a polyester ponte than real scuba. It is just thick enough to be comfortable for our winters. The print was a find. It is very similar to a lot of RTW dresses around this season.

  2. It looks great, Val - my favourite kind of dress! I too have limited time for sewing, and cut into patterns rather more than less. Better to do that that have even less time to sew, imo :) As ever, your alterations are soooo professional, and the end result pays off. Love the fabric print, too.

  3. Great job. I have some favourite rtw clothing that I just can't find a pattern like them. I've not ventured down that cloning path yet but would probably do it like you have I always cut into patterns life's to short to trace.

  4. Thanks Patricia and Louise. I feel a bit less naughty now!

  5. How pretty. so tell me - what is scuba knit like? hot, heavy, sticky? or maybe wearable in my neck of the woods? You did a great job with the pattern drafting....nice fit.

    1. Thanks Coco. Scuba knit is a double knit springy polyester/elastane that tends to hold its shape when on the body. It's the fashion version of neoprene, the stuff that real wetsuits are made out of. As for whether it would work in Florida - maybe in your winter. The days are hovering at about 17 or 18 degrees celcius here so it's comfortable with winter tights and a jacket but I don't think DD will be wearing it in summer.

  6. Fantastic dress for your DD and the colours are perfect to brighten our dull winter days.