Wednesday, 17 June 2015

V8597 Top

When I was a kid TV was a luxury and not everyone had one. I can still remember when dad bought ours. The TV itself was a big box with a small screen that took a while to warm up, then we could see the black and white picture. We all loved Star Trek. It was sooo futuristic. Imagine going to other planets! My gran loved Spock and as for me I wanted to marry Captain Kirk, when I grew up of course and I thought Captain Uhura was so cool..

The costumes were like nothing else around at the time. People did not live in spandex (yet).

Last month I went to Pitt Trading at Ramsgate and bought a lovely black and purple double knit. It was on the remnant table. It was heavy and drapey and shrank a lot when I washed it but I was left with something special. I knew that if I made it into a skirt - the obvious option - it would likely hang in the closet unused as I don't wear skirts much in winter.

I made up a top from  V8597, previous makes and had just enough to make view C with a stand up 'Star Trek' collar. It's heavy and I use it as a second layer like a sweater. It's become a favourite.

'What! They're remaking Star Trek as a new mini series?'

I'm ready for my audition!

The role is for a communications officer with a Russian Accent? Get my voice coach! What! Daniel Craig's signed up as the Captain of the rebel forces? AWESOME!

Of course I'm up for it!

Get my personal trainer and acting coach! I'm packing my bags now!

Ah, isn't fantasy a wonderful thing,

Happy Sewing,


  1. Very nice, Val. This is the pattern which keeps on giving, and I love the Starry fantasy!

  2. You're adorable and so is your audition-ready top :-)

  3. Thanks girls, love u both!

  4. Fantastic top and good to hear you are ready to go.

  5. Ha,ha! You are so funny! Great post and I really like the top!