Monday, 17 August 2015

More Paris

Hi all,

This is my last full day in Barcelona and I am enjoying it even more than Paris. All the new fall fashions are in the stores so I have been gaining a lot of sewing inspiration, while buying shoes and earrings and tops. I have to admit if I was not so short in the torso I would have bought some dresses by now. My lack of height is a big factor in why I will always sew. The other is that I enjoy it. A person can have lots of passions ;)

Some of you requested more photos of material shopping Paris. Here they are!
A post about Barcelona will follow.

This is what we had to put up with on the way home to our apartment..but here are more photos of my day at Sacre-Coeur.

Little gift shops and boutiques

The whole square is full of artist's booths

Around the corner the little vegetarian restaurant was still there..not open during the day though :(

But down the stairs is this square with more cafes in the shade :) then there is another staircase that leads to the right that leads to Place St Pierre and all the material shops.

Musicians outside the Basilica

Material in all directions! See the Basilica in the background?

I did find some good material shops in Barcelona also, but that's another post.



  1. Priceless shot of you on the bridge with the Eiffel Tower, Val. Everyone should have one of these photos! Thank you for sharing more photos of the fabric district - I am drooling at the thought of it. If we ever go there, I will definitely look at Galerie Valerie Valentini and think of you :) x

  2. Oh Valerie you are cruel! Looks like wonderful weather too. Also short in the torso so get your thoughts on sewing... your dress in the first photo looks lovely.

  3. Ooh fun! Barcelona was by far one of my favorite places to visit in Spain. My brother was stationed in Rota for a few years and we got to make two really awesome trips while he was there. Never been to Paris, though. I love travel photos! :)

  4. Looks like you had a great time! And I really love your new header. As you may remember from our meeting in Nieuwegein, I'm rather tall, so I can relate to your 'sew it myself' remark. I often go shopping but end up buying nothing (because the waist sits somewhere around my armpits...) and go home with a head full of plans to sew.

  5. Indeed it looks as if you're having a wonderful time. I'm reliving my trip all over again. =) I can't wait to read about your Barcelona adventures.

  6. Thanks friends. I am back in the UK revisiting beautiful Oxford for a few days. I have lots of Barcelona pictures memories and a full suitcase. Off sightseeing again But No Shopping. (I'll leave that to DD!)

  7. London, Paris, Barcelona? Nice line up! Hope you enjoy the rest of your stay in Europe!

  8. Beautiful weather and lovely views looks like you had an amazing time.