Sunday, 6 September 2015

Hybrid T shirt

Hello all,

Is there anything better than running up a quick T-shirt that feels good on? Yesterday, while rummaging for materials to make a pieced version of M7093 here (see previous post) I found this lovely knit that I had totally forgotten about. Stash score!
I carefully cut it out saving enough materials for side panels to use in a future colour block version of the McCalls.  

This T-shirt is my own hybrid pattern for a loose T, using The body of the Anne T by Style Arc  here (modified) and the shoulder and sleeve from New Look 6735 here (again, modified) and the hems of McCall 7093, modified. I drew my own neckline.

Basically the idea is to take the shoulder, armscye and sleeve head of a T-shirt you know sits well - my favourite for this is New Look 6735 - as the foundation. Then use elements of whatever other patterns takes your fancy.

By the way please excuse the serious expression in the photos.

I live in a  unit complex of several buildings and a fair bit of common ground and sometimes I feel like taking photos outside with some greenery... I'll choose a quiet time of day. I'll put the newly finished garment and some make up on, go downstairs with the camera and tripod and set up in a quiet corner. But before you know it I am being stared at like an animal at the zoo, even from a back balcony! I find it quite unnerving. I mean it's not like I'm doing cartwheels or playing the tuba or anything. Do people have nothing better to do? Honestly.

I'm quite impressed with myself that I matched all the stripes. Does the slight front curve look strange with the stripes? I might straighten it out a bit while keeping the back dip..

There'll be smiles (and feet) in my next post. Promise!



  1. My eye was drawn to the dip at the back and I liked it - though it was a feature of the design. Great work matching the stripes.

  2. Nice t-shirt. I laughed at your comments about your complex dwellers. Maybe they are just so impressed with your wardrobe!

  3. Great shirt and very clever to combine the parts of one patter with another to end up with such a cool garment. Love the dipped down back hem and the perfectly matched stripes. I'd play up the fact that you are taking your own photos...keep those apartment dwellers guessing and them you are a celebrity and a break from watching soap operas.

  4. How satisfying is your t-shirt and you could have all sorts of fun with your neighbours, it sounds like you brighten up their day.

  5. Great stripe matching. I like the neck binding with the stripes running the opposite way.Wonderful idea to combine different parts of different patterns to get the look and fit you are after. Lovely T shirt.

  6. Great shirt! You can't have enough of them. And yes, a T-shirt is also my go-to project when I want to sew something easy and satisfying.

  7. I really like your tee shirt - the fabric is a slightly unusual, very attractive stripe, and the hybrid pattern you create is just right for the season. The curved hem has really arrived - I see it everywhere in the shoppes. Love your matched up stripes - have been watching the Great British Sewing Bee (finals tonight), and how wonderfully they pattern match. Feeling a tad guilty because I hardly ever remember to even consider it. oops...

    1. Thanks Patricia it was easy. I aligned the stripes across the very top of the front, back and sleeve sides seams and hey presto it all matched.

  8. I just found your blog from a pinterest post last night. I have read thru a ton of your posts and I think you are my sewing/crafting/artist twin from Down Under! I have become absolutely addicted to sewing for myself in the last few months. I've been drafting and sewing a pant pattern and having tons of trouble- your pant journey led me to you. I was so encouraged when you showed ALL the muslins! I WILL NOT GIVE UP! Thanks for blogging your sewing adventures! I have found my "sewl mate!" Lol!

  9. Wow, Thank you for the nice comments and welcome to my blog.