Saturday, 28 November 2015

Just a little adjustment to V9067

In sewing a little adjustment can make all the difference, dear reader.

A pattern that worked perfectly fine in one material can turn out differently in another. Each material has different drape and different 'give'. I'm probably stating the glaringly obvious but this was brought home to me when my silk version of V9067 View C top turned out looser than my cotton version of this top. (See previous posts with the label V9067.)

I had tried taking it in all the way down which did not work. After mulling it over I ha the idea of taking out the sleeve ruffles and pinning them 5/8" higher on the shoulders and almost all the way around,  tapering to 1/14" at the bottom of the sleeve. This brought everything back into proportion but retained the amount of ease the top needs.

Catching the breeze ..

I like it better now.

In my sewing queue is the downloaded and waiting to be printed and pieced Tessuti "Kate" top. I'll make a wearable muslin but the remnant of this silk has been earmarked for it if it works out.

Happy Sewing for your season..



  1. A lovely floaty top perfect for those summer days. So satisfying to achieve the desired fit with just a little adjustment.

  2. The pattern is perfect for looks cool and comfortable! I love the fabric/print/color!!!

  3. I'm glad you like it more now. It's still very pretty and moves with you. =)

  4. Thanks ladies. It is the perfect dressy/casual top for summer parties.

  5. Ah proportion is all it takes, great save as it is the perfect top for summer.