Tuesday, 24 November 2015

V9067 View C in silk

It's a busy time of year, counting down towards Christmas. I made this top the week before last but am only managing to write this post now and you may be relieved to hear this is my last post about V9067  link to pattern for a while. Really! There are other things in the queue.

I've made up a second View C top in silk bought on my latest overseas travels, instead of being afraid to cut into the good stuff. Time to take a risk...

The conclusion. When I wore the top for this quick early morning photo shoot I loved the way it felt and even though in photos it's voluminous and seemingly shapeless it came alive whenever I moved. It swished and swirled then floated behind me when I walked.

This top was cut the same as my previous version link to V9067 View C top in cotton voile but it felt bigger. I took it in a half cm along the sides which brought the sleeves a bit higher. Taking it in more than this did not work on my wide shoulders. The garment's shape needs a fair amount of ease and I found it hard to strike the balance between too much and too little.

Also, thinking I knew better than Vogue, I cut the sleeve frills on the bias. But ultimately I think they are better cut on the straight as per the original instructions which gives a bit of definition to those seams. Cut on the bias they are just a continuation of the way the whole garment falls. Not that that's a bad thing but I am still undecided on whether to cut new sleeves from remaining material.. I have just enough left for a shell top so somehow I may end up leaving it. I have some functions coming up and we've been having some fiendishly hot days (and nights) here in Sydney. I don't know.

I could style it with white cropped slim leg pants, high shoes and big jewellery..

Should I redo the sleeves? Thoughts?

Meanwhile I'm running up some Style Arc Elle pants link to Ellle Pants  in black scuba knit for DD while I think about it. This pattern is a favourite of hers and she's going to visit friends in Vancouver in January..

Happy pre Christmas sewing,



  1. The silk sounds divine to wear and it is hard to say what to do about the sleeves, they will be softer than the voile and they look fuller than the voile as well, how about that as a contradiction.

  2. How pretty. I like the sleeves, they drape nicely and close to your arms as is. And it's such a bonus if you can do a shell or bantam vest thingy with your remainders.

  3. "...it came alive whenever I moved" I love this statement! And yay for throwing caution to the wind and cutting into your silk! Now you have a beautiful garment that moves with you and reminds you of your trip. =)

    1. Exactly! It's the best souvenir of Paris where it was love at first sight across the room!

  4. It is a lovely top Val, and there is nothing quite like silk for feeling and looking good. The sleeves look fine to me, not sure if it would make a difference. Just in time for the really hot weather which has hit us hard today!