Saturday, 12 December 2015

Grungy Hobo bag using Kwik Sew 3312

Mum, can you make me a banana shaped hobo bag with a zip? Roomy but not so big that I need to put it in the overhead luggage on the plane? Squishy enough to put under the seat but put everything I want in it? Oh and I want a zip?
Yes  think I can do that.
Have you got any material you can use from The Stash Mum?

Yes I have some blue and white stripe denim that looks like mattress ticking...I send her a photo.

Perfect Mum! Can you make the outside the grey muted side so it looks grungy..but make the inside of the strap from the darker side..I can see it.

Yes, I can do that but if I'm putting in a zip I will have to line it..seeing it's going travelling do you want nylon on the inside?

Yes Mum, you know that really bright nylon in the stash...

The bag is symmetrical but wouldn't cooperate.. it is a slouch bag after all!

Back to the story... DD seemingly not only knows my stash but has a photographic memory of what's in it ;)  Just as well I love sewing for her.  I remembered I had Kwik Sew 3312 in the stash -
now OOP. It was just the right size.

All I had to do was figure out how to put a zip in it. And construct it.

Bag pieces:   I kept the shape of the bag and the cut on strap. I found a zipper in the stash that was heavy enough and big enough to go part of the way up the sides (another DD requirement!)
I cut x 2 zip facings 1/12" wide and the length of the zip (plus zipper tape ends) + 1/12"
I then measured the remainder of the strap and added 1/1'2" and made my own strap facing pattern piece. The lining is the original bag piece minus the strap but then with 5/8" seam allowance put back on.

What I did:

Make up the outer shell as instructed.
Make up the lining, Make a pocket to go on the lining (basically a zippered pencil case type pouch 7" x 8" stitched on). Leave a portion at the bottom of the bag unstitched

Attach zip to the zip facings.  My facings should have had their own inner facings to cover the under side of the zip between the tape and the lining but I realised this right at the end and the bag is going to stay as it is without them! The material is thick enough to cope.

Attach the zip pieces to the bag, stopping 5/8" from the ends.
Attach the lining. This is where you use the hole in the lining for access.

I used a separating sip because that's what I had. I don't know if this is quite the 'done' thing but it made it a bit easier!
Attach the ends of the straps to the zip facing ends, bringing them together in the middle.
Stitch one long side of the strap to strap facing as far as you can. Turn right side out and press. Press the other long edges of strap and strap facing under and top stitch. Press and top stitch the bag edges.
Stitch the hole in the bag lining closed.

Am I sounding like Burdastyle?

The original bag is just two copies of the one bag piece. There are darts in the corners. You make the bag, make the lining layer with the hole, sew them together, turn it out through the hole, put a loop and a button and go. Quick and easy. I'll be making one of these out for market shopping!

This bag was figured it out as I went along. There's probably a better way to do it but it's done!

Not perfect but DD loves it. Happy travels DD.

Love, Mum.


  1. Amazing mom! Amazing daughter, too!

  2. Lucky daughter, and very clever Mum! It sounds complex to me, but you are a whiz at these things - Love it!!

    1. Are you kidding? It nearly did my head in! Inside, outside, this layer, that layer..but don't tell my daughter..she still thinks I can sew anything :)

  3. You are an amazing Mum and that bag looks perfect.

  4. The end result is great. I have sewn one bag and have another cut out. Great for stash busting snd ending up with a unique interesting bag as well. I echo the great Mum bit - very selfless.

  5. Great bag. And I laughed at all the directions you got on its construction. Having a daughter is such a blessing.