Saturday, 28 February 2015

M6277 in Jacquard Cotton

I am not a child of the computer age. I remember a world without internets or mobile phones and digital gadgets.

I tend to get myself into trouble when I try to edit posts on my mobile phone and I recently not only deleted a post but my whole sewing blog roll, trying to close everything in a hurry while at work ;) so if you don't see yourself on my blog roll it's because I now either follow you on my bloglovin feed or haven't put you back on the sidebar yet. I will be trying to limit the side bar. It was getting rather unwieldly.

Computers. Anyway, never say die ...

I made up a previous favourite pattern M6277 in a cotton bought from Tessuti's that was gutsy enough not to need lining, did a sway back adjustment and adjusted the side seams to go in and out where I go in and out. You can see tan lines from where I've been wearing it!

The pattern has been reveiwed on PR as running large at the waist, which is great for the non wasp waisted. With little adjustments each time this will be my TNT sheath.

I've got some gorgeous lime green bamboo linen that I could make up in this, or make up a dress with little cap sleeves from an old Burda magazine. I better make my decision before this last blast of summer is over.

By the way does anyone else find it disastrous to try to edit blogs on their mobile phone, or is it just my fumble fingers?

Happy first of spring or autumn wherever you are,


Oh and just a callout to ElleC - you never did email me you address so I could send you the Issey Miyake give away. Do you still want it?

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Jalie Control Briefs 2572

Hi everyone.

Would you believe I have never sewn a pair of knickers up until now? These are actually knickers-as-swimwear commissioned by my daughter but they may have made me change my mind about the future of sewing underwear. They were easier than I thought.

The pattern is Jalie 2572 which I thought it had gone out of print but it is still for sale on the Jalie website

Like I said, the pattern was made up out of shiny black dance lycra from Spotlight as retro style bikini bottoms for my daughter. The gusset was lined with swimsuit mesh and the waist and legs finished with  elastic that I zig-zagged on, then folded over to the inside and then zig zagged again. She wanted the tummy panel and all and was very happy with them. There's nothing new under the sun ;)


Back (excuse the wrinkles, my lycra got sat on before it was made up!)

Regarding the sizing I measured in the flat and then compared  a 'proper' swimsuit bottom then traced off the appropriate size but added 5/8" at the side seams for ease because control briefs are designed for squeeze not ease! I also added 5/8" along the top at the waist for turning down the elastic.

The pattern came together easily and the leg line which looked a bit odd when I was tracing it off works like a dream. It's a modest (read 'retro') snug but surprisingly comfortable leg line.

Needless to say they'd be fabulous as control briefs and the next time I need some in black (I've got some RTW ones in nude) I'll use this pattern.

The shaping shorts that are also in the pattern look like they could be lengthened to be used as thigh shapers under skirts.

Quite a nifty pattern really.

Edited to add:   The pattern consists of  Control Briefs, Shaping shorts and a Waist Clincher thing that looks like a back support!

It does not include the bra or the little exercise top (I wish it did!)

That's all for now,