Saturday, 4 April 2015

Burda 7783 again

Just checking in to say I made up Burda 7783 in a knit again, this time a more casual version in a python print. The material had been lying about waiting to be made up all summer and I couldn't quite decide what to make with it until now.

I made this dress much the same way as I made the rose print (see previous post) but I shortened the dress 2" at waist level to bring the pockets a bit higher. I also relaxed the fit a tiny bit. The centre front seam is a mistake caused by cutting out in a hurry before going to work during the week, but luckily it somehow looks ok. I have another between weather dress.

The shots were taken inside because it's been raining for days. They do say to be careful what you wish for!

Happy Easter to all,