Saturday, 12 March 2016

A quick Lisette B6182

I dropped into Pitt Trading recently. It's my favourite independent family run material shop in Sydney. It's so nice to shop somewhere with an individual selection of goodies. I was in the area and wanted to rummage through their bargain table for some knit material and came home with two knits and a woven for the grand price of twelve dollars. One of them was a strip of 155cm wide by 55 cm knit with an eye catching scribble pattern. On impulse yesterday morning I made it into a top. I considered a few patterns from my stash but nothing with separate sleeves would fit on this bit of material and I didn't particularly want to go sleeveless. The answer of course was cut-on sleeves and I got out B6192 Lisette Top/Dress and Skirt to make the top. I cut a 14, without the sleeve bands, ran it up and then went to my photo group ramble through the streets of Newtown.

I took these shots when I got back, hot and crumpled. I like the pattern which by the way is for wovens. I had so little material that I finished the sleeve and bottom edges on the serger and just left them at that.

The front of the pattern has a horizontal dart at the bust and  centre front and back seams, nice details that come up well in a plain coloured woven.  I would definitely add some length to bring it down a bit and for a decent sized hem. I'll be leaving off the bands if I make it in a woven too and just cutting on a hem allowance at the edge of the sleeves.

I'm posting a link to buttonandneedle's top in linen on Pattern Review that made me buy the pattern in the first place here

Have a happy weekend,


  1. Ah, Pitt Trading, source of all things gorgeous! What a pretty top, and I really like the pattern too. I had never noticed that one. You are amazing making a top from such a small piece. Brilliant sew.

  2. What a great top for summer. You can't have enough of them. (I'm actually jealous, here in the Netherlands a very, very cold wind is blowing, altough it really felt like spring yesterday).
    And aín't it just great fun getting 3 pieces of fabric for such a small price! I just lóóve the bargain table :-)