Monday, 4 April 2016

V9067 Pants

Hey It's Autumn!

Even though the days are still warm the morning air is cool and fresh. In my quest to sew what I need and use good fabric I bought some black pure linen from the Fabric Store and I've run up the wide pants from V9067 Vogue Five Easy Pieces link to pattern.

What about Vogue's beautiful new website? I like it!

I pre washed and ironed the linen and cut out the pants. I'd already adjusted the  pattern posted here   The leg looks very wide on the envelope photo but it is actually a true straight leg and the width is not overwhelming, even on my not very tall body. I added the pockets from View E and used strip of leftover lining material turned to the inside and stitched to make a casing for 1" wide elastic rather than a self waistband. The loose style in linen makes for a good between season garment, already a favourite to dress up or down.

One question though, I might take the pants legs up a bit more, maybe just a centimetre. What do you think?  (Edited to add I did take them up 2cm.)

Edit: Jan 2017. I have replaced the previous photos of these pants with this one which shows them a bit better.

Happy to have cooler weather!


  1. Oh wow - just love these! Of course, I love them long - but if they catch inside your sandal heel, it's a clue. Otherwise - they look great! Sounds like you're having fun with your sew-what-I-need approach. Enjoy!

  2. I love black linen pants and these look super Val. I'd take them up a smidgen, but on the whole like long pants too. I've put this pattern on my wish list - my love affair with Style Arc is on the wane. I a bit over their tiny seams :)

  3. Thank you both. Yes the pants are going to be taken up a centimetre...

  4. love linen, great outfit, agree with the others about the length.

  5. Linen pants are so lovely to wear and your black pants look perfect (well once you take them up that smidgen).

  6. The pants have gone up half an inch.

  7. I like my pants to break right on the top of my foot. But if you find that your heel is catching the them, then they should be shortened a bit.

    Otherwise, I like them!