Friday, 16 September 2016

Cynthia Rowley 1366 and thoughts for spring

Hi sewing friends. Next to my sewing space - aka - my kitchen table, I have a cork board where I post notes and sketches and outfits ripped out of magazines and little lists headed with things like 'The Classic French Woman's Wardrobe". Maybe I should get real and write a list titled "How an Australian woman of unmentionable age will get through the summer heat" wardrobe haha. Anyway I am working on it. I have plans. I have more lovely material and patterns than time but I am determined not to waste time and actually do what I've planned!

Recently I was in Sydney looking for a stripy knit - one of my perennial favourites and I stumbled across a gorgeous expensive linen in a giant ikat print in Tessuti's instead. I could see it made up as a loose summer top. The price was in the 'gasp' category. I bought it anyway, took it home, washed it, ironed it, got out the TNT pattern I had in mind. Then I fiddle-faddled about getting out other patterns and retaking my measurements and hesitating. The ikat design is freeform, not really even or symmetrical which added to it's charm but also added to the 'this may be a waste of time& money' factor. Then just I held my breath and did it.
Note for the notice board:  life is too short not to cut into good material
This is the result. I have sewn this pattern, Sim 1366, a lot. See here No doubt there will be more.

So what are the summer plans? I've bought this Anne Klein pattern for a zippered top and pull on stretch pants. V1517. Instant love.

I have designer blue denim that I will use for the jacket, probably without the lining. I also have white stretch denim to make the pants, but I'll try them out in stash cotton sateen first. Meanwhile there is another top pattern from last summer I never got around to making,V9004 that's next in the production line. 
TNT's are good but I'm resolving to sew patterns when I buy them, not put them away to be forgotten.
Another note for the notice board:  sew that new pattern now!

Happy sewing,


  1. Love your new top. I bought this pattern for summer - it works for casual or business. Your print is very enviable. I think I need to add your mantra to my sewing cork board.

  2. I'm so with you on how does an Australian woman of unmentionable age get through summer! Love the top.

  3. Gorgeous!!! The top is wonderful and your courage is inspiring.

  4. That fabric is gorgeous and I love that you chose a simple pattern to feature the bold print. Very elegant. Good reminder to use the good fabric!

  5. Fantastic fabric for a perfect Summer top Val. That pattern really sits well on you, and I can't wait to see the new jacket/pants combo.

  6. Thanks everyone. In spite of all my advice to myself I have cut out a different pattern altogether, but at least it is a recently bought new-to-me pattern as well! It's a caftan-y summer top, M7361.

  7. You've inspired me to just cut into the fabric I have for making gymnastics outfits for my granddaughter. What's the worst that can happen . . . I'll scrap try one and move on. Hard to think of an Australian summer when we're fast heading into fall here. BTW Love the new tops!

  8. That's a wow print - and you did a great job placing it. The Vogue pattern - can't wait to see!

  9. You have used the best pattern for this fabric they work so well together.