Friday, 30 December 2016

B6024 Boho Smock Dress

Hello holidaying sewists,

My last make for 2016 is a dress version of the Butterick 6024 collection of smock tops. I wanted to make the sleeved top into a dress and the mustard linen was bought a few weeks ago with this in mind. I should of course have been knocking out something more appropriate for heatwave weather but hey that's how I sew.
I love this pattern. I first went 'oh, I gotta get that' when I saw it made up as a white artist-style smock on the McCalls Facebook page, indeed there is a light breezy voile smock in my mental queue. I googled and searched Pattern Review for other fab versions including this one. Yes Annette I even took note of your colour choice. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and I do live on another continent ;)

Finished and crumpled but it's getting a wash and a press before I put it away in the hope of cooler weather..

Alterations:  I fiddled with the height of the neckline and added 1.5cm all round to the height then ended up trimming about 1cm away when I was putting the binding on, so all in all it is about .5 cm higher all round and a total of 2.5 cm narrower across the back. Which brings me to the back. I narrowed the upper back and back neck area by putting in two pleats that match those on the front and sleeves in depth and width. I had already done a sway back adjustment for my previous version reviewed here. I think it adds some visual interest to the back too.
I added 1.5 cm to the edge of the shoulders tapering to nothing at the notches to preserve the effect of dropped sleeves. This would not happen on my wide straight shoulders otherwise. Then I added 20 cm to the length. I was squeezing it out of my material - I try not to buy too much as I am short but I got carried away and  had to shorten the sleeves by 3cm by folding out the casing allowance then gathering them into separate bands. I like this look better anyway.
A note on the neckline finish. I used a folded over self bias band as instructed ( I pieced it) and sewed  the doubled over circle to the wrong side of the garment then flipped it over to the outside and top stitched it down a millimetre or so lower than the seam line. This gives a clean finish and is quite easy to do.

I was keen to take photos and get this review in. I took them yesterday at dusk when there was a bit of breeze blowing but you don't see the cold facecloth I had handy! I did not photograph inside as don't like how the colour of my interior walls look in photos.
By the way I am growing my hair out and letting it go natural. I'll do my best to spare you my brindle skunk phase. You could be seeing creative headgear for a while..

A happy 2017 to you all,


  1. Cute dress! I've got that pattern, but didn't think to make it into a dress. I'll go and take another look at it now ...

  2. Love the color and those tucks are sweet. Happy 2017!

  3. Oh, what a great dress. Mustard is a perfect Boho colour, imo... And it suits you very well. Happy New Year, Val.

  4. Happy new year Valerie. This colour suits you well.

  5. It's adorable! and I appreciate all your tips on tweaking the neckline, front and back. Natural hair! Love it - best thing I've done in years is let mine grow out. And brindle is fine, but I wore a hat for a couple months, in pics and outside the house. Vanity.... Happy New Year!

  6. Thanks everyone.
    Coco, so that's why you wore hats in your reviews last year! I should have realised. I spent all of last year determined to stop dyeing my hair but each time grey roots and the dye pot won out. This year I didn't announce it until my hair has half grown out, just went and did it, you know. Your new look was one of the things that has spurred me on. In public, strangely I am not that worried, I just spray product on it, fluff it out like a mad cockatoo and go for it. It looks like I have a silver under dye.

  7. Happy New Year Valerie and your new dress looks great on you, the fit and colour.

  8. I luv this dress on you, Valerie. Everything about it is gorgeous. The linen fabric, the golden mustard color, the style. Bravo.

  9. Love this dress! Your mods all came together perfectly!