Tuesday, 3 January 2017

2016 in review

Hi all,

Here's a brief wrap of the past year in sewing.
Like many others I had a up and down 2016. What a weird year it seems to have been for many! At one point my sewing blog sat neglected while other events spun me around then set me down again. Oh well,  bygones. From November on sewing became my therapy because it's a thing I'm (usually) good at. My favourite makes of the year in no particular order were:
-V9067 pull on pants out of linen. I had finally realised I needed a round bum as well as sway back adjustment to make any pants work, even loose ones.
-The lisette top success was a complete surprise. I ran it up from less than a metre of impulse buy bargain table knit. It's been worn a lot.
-The black burdastyle jacket was a favourite but not worn much as I made it right at the end of winter.  The material is what makes it, a gorgeous soft quilted knit fabric from EOS that sold out super quickly. I look forward to getting it out again come winter.
-The fur jacket revamp to mid thigh length made it a good combo with jeans and boots and was joyfully worn. My post about it was one of the most popular hits on this blog from last year. For a seven year old pattern. Go figure!
-My favourite dress made was the mustard linen dress that snuck in as the last post in December. A good trans-season dress.

V9067 view D pants and lisette B6182 top

Burdastyle  jacket 11/2015/102

Revamp of Burdastyle 09/2007/104

B6024 smock-into-dress

Now to the fails. 
There were a few but the most disappointing was the pants from Anne Klein designer V1517. I still want to try the jacket though. I did my usual pant adjustments and it still didn't sit right. Then I ripped out the CF leg panels and recut them grafting in the front of Burdastyle stretch pant TNT. They are wearable but don't have the comfort of my burdastyle ones from years ago, which I wanted to update.
I like the the idea of a straight up centre front and centre back mid leg seam. I modified them a bit more and tried another muslin. Still no good. Those ended up in the charity bag. Conclusion: get some burdastyle pants and add my own CF and CB seams because nothing I tried worked. I figure it is because Vogues pant draft is made for a very different body. A straight, small waisted slight pear with a neat and tidy regulation crotch. Everything I am not. I knew this but thought I could alter my way out of it. grrrr.

Pant fail V1517

It's a bit ironic that my best success and my biggest frustration were both Vogue pants. Overall it was a good year.

That's Sewing,



  1. Your posts are always a joy to read.

    I've long been of the opinion that trousers should be drafted from first principles, to create your own block. Then we should use that base and design from it. Much better than backwards engineering an existing pattern.

    Some day I'll do just that!

  2. Weird year but you made some nice things - my faves are the fur jacket and the mustard dress - just fun, cool, and funky! You've been developing a nice vibe in your style...

  3. Vogue pants, another story. It has been a funny year for a lot of reasons, but your last dress is fantastic as well as your fur coat remake.

  4. Thanks guys. Coco and Sharon, both the coat and the dress are the style direction I want to go in, modern and relaxed but a bit off the grid, you know?