Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Stye Arc Maggie/Blair mashup

Hi there!
The last time I ordered a pattern from Style Arc, their freebie of the month was the  Maggie Shirt. It was on my list of 'do it someday' patterns. Then while reading sewing blogs I came across a version of Style Arc Blair Shirt or Dress that I liked on this blog Bombazine.  I noticed that the silhouette of the Maggie shirt was very similar to the Blair so I had the bright idea of modifying Maggie into Blair, being on a pattern fast and all that. Well, I drafted a collar, added crosswise seams, decided to leave the back alone, made a collar that was too small, made an unwearable muslin, modified the underarm curve, shortened the edge of the sleeves, made the collar longer, straightened the curve of the collar stand then dug out some pretty blue crinkle cotton from the stash and made this shirt.

Yep, another loose top. The collar is similar to one on a Vogue shirt pattern from years ago V8689 which I used as starting point. It took a total of three collars and two stands but with lots of measuring and tryouts I ended up with a shirt collar that sits better than any I've made before with the amount of ease I want. Would it have been simpler to buy the Blair? Yes but I would probably have had to tweak the collar on that as well. This has more to do with my neck and shoulders than any pattern. Anyway I decided to see it through and I am glad I did.

The collar done up.

Will I use my version again? Probably, in some form or another... summer, winter, dress. But right now I feel like sewing something straightforward without too many modifications.
Edit: I traced off everything and left Maggie intact to try later. (In days past I would have hacked into the original and lived to regret it!)
Another Edit: All respect to pattern makers everywhere. True-ing one piece to every other is not easy!

Stash tally Project 2: Stash fabric used for muslin and for shirt, stash pattern and self drafted collar.


  1. That is a pretty blue, and a perfect comfy shirt for the summer. I can see how nicely the collar sits, you little sewing genius :))

  2. You are on a roll and drafting your collar even though it took time, it also worked out perfectly.

    Looks like another winner, love the colour.

  3. What a pretty shirt.. You did a great job modifing the pattern.. Looks great on you and looks comfortable. Happy sewing.

  4. Thank you for taking the time to comment! I've added a photo of the collar done up.

  5. Great shirt! and nice mashup work. I keep looking at the Blair, but I'm wary of the collar, since I don't wear them. I do enjoy seeing that pattern on others. How great that you conquered that collar!

    1. Thanks Coco. I haven't worn shirt-style tops much in the past because they would never sit right and I'd end up feeling strangled. I'd snoop out the back neck or make them bigger and it helped a little bit. then they would hang in the closet.It didn't occur to me till now to modify the front of the collar stand to un-curve it a little. One of these days I'd love to do a pattern drafting course at TAFE and really learn the ins and outs of all of it. Won't happen in the near future though *sigh*.