Sunday, 8 January 2017

V9067 Top A

Hi everyone,

We are having another heatwave. I have made two hot weather tops. This one swirls and drifts away from the body. It reminds me of the big circular smocks that were briefly popular in the 70's. I made my own way back then too! Number two top is a loose short sleeved shirt, which I will photograph later today. My daughter's been saying 'Mum why are you making all this loose stuff?' Because I want to, that's why. When the weather cools down I will get into something more fitted. But back to this post. I am already a fan of Vogue 9067. The pants work on me and I've made the frilly floppy View C top. I may even make it again as my flimsy voile one from last year already has rips in it that I've repaired! From memory that top ran large as well as having a lot of ease. This top fitted better across the neck and shoulders but also runs large. More on that later.
I had several metre lengths of Japanese cotton from Spotlight bought a summer or two ago in my stash so I could play with colour blocking. I could maybe have gone for a green panel on the left front instead of the slightly darker yellow for a bit more drama, but I like this anyway considering it was a  experiment.

Caught in the breeze, you can see the circle based shape.

I almost didn't post photos two and three but the drapey fluid nature of the top prevents it from looking quite that 'maternity' when in motion! It pools nicely when I sit down.

Adjustments: As mentioned the body of the top runs large. It's one of those patterns where there is a small increment between sizes XS and S then twice as big a jump to 'M'. I took it back to between size S and size M and trust me I am not usually a Small.
I lowered the armholes a smidgen to compensate. I lowered the neckline by half a centimetre so I could pull the top over my head and eliminated the back button and loop. It would have just fitted over my head anyway.

Re directions, they are good but I finished the neck and armholes using this method.
1.  Stay stitch the neckline.
2.  Trim the neckline to exactly where you want the finished neckline to be.
3.  Make your bias fabric in a loop to the finished measurement of your neckline.
4.  Fold it in half lengthwise and press, making sure you do not stretch it.
5.  Apply to the wrong side of the garment 7mm (3/8") from the edge.
6.  Press towards the neck edge all around, then press the bias edge over the raw edges towards the  
     right side of the garment.
7.  Machine stitch 2mm from the edge around the neck. This stitching will land just under the
     original stitching.

It is my current favourite finish. The next time I do it I will try to take photos, because it is easier than it sounds and works on knits too and all the raw edges are encased.

Stash tally: 1 project, Stash material and stash pattern used.
Grey roots update: I have a big ring of grey and look quite frightful. A bit of length and a lot of spray and styling no longer covers it. I am looking forward to getting quite a bit of it chopped off on Friday. Super short. Would rather look like a spiky skunk than a madwoman. I know it's a third world problem  :)

Have a good day!


  1. What fun! and I'm with you - loose is good in the heat. congrats on hair progress :-) Not long ago mine was like that, hang in there! and enjoy that super short hair cut. Will be cute!

  2. Great top and loose is definitely what we want with this heatwave we are having.

    1. Thanks Sharon - loose beach dress is next on the list.

  3. I don't know if I have commented before. If not - hello, and thanks for the always interesting blog :-) I like your circle top, looks cool, and the panel down the front gives enough vertical to make it not look too flowy. (Sorry badly expressed but I hope you know what I mean). Re the grey, stay with it. I love my grey! I'm sure it'll suit you. It's kinder to the face too. Regards Trish