Thursday, 16 February 2017

Still Here!

No, this is not becoming a fashion commentary blog. In case you were wondering I have been madly sewing but madly busy so this is a five minute post saying I will do a catch up blog later, after the weekend. Last week, when I read Gail's Chanel Update post about her fabulous red Chanel-style jacket, she mentioned Sydney Frocktails were happening on February the 18th. On impulse I went online and I must have booked the last ticket to this event in all of Sydney. So then I was faced with the conundrum of 'what am I going to wear!' and 'is there time to sew anything?' followed by 'I need a new little black bag'. 'ack!' You get the drift.  I have some previously made dresses that will do but I launched into a new project, now complete. I have a choice of three outfits. Decisions will be made on the day. I keep reminding myself that it is not a fashion runway...but speaking of such here is a creature that does look excellent on a runway from Myer's 2017 winter fashion show. I love this dress.

Meanwhile on the Vogue website there's a trend for post apocalypse type dressing or what to wear after the nuclear fallout. Anyone old enough to remember the 70's modelling luminary Veruschka? That's her nowadays in the picture below, modelling at the Esther Purbandt collection Vogue fashion shows/berlin The collection's gloomy minimalist yet strangely elegant look is being echoed by quite a few designers.

In her heyday. Google image

While it's hard to wear anything dark or gloomy on a 30 Celsius Sydney day, I'm suddenly feeling ok about possibly being the only grey haired Frocktail-cocktailer in the room tomorrow. I look forward to meeting a room full of sewing Sydneyites. See you tomorrow!



  1. Have fun Val - wish I was going too! Who would have thought, Veruschka is still at it - gosh I wonder how old she is??

    1. I googled it and apparently she is 77, and returned to modelling at the age of 71!

  2. Enjoy Frocktails... I haven't been to a Sydney one, but we have great fun in Brisbane. Look forward to seeing your finished items.