Sunday, 19 March 2017

A little dress, A little jacket

My DD is going on holiday next week with a girlfriend - to Hawaii no less - and asked me to make a little lets-go-party dress with a round neck and slightly dropped shoulders. Simple, knee length. I said I had just the pattern. DD had bought some swimwear material ages ago but had changed her mind about using it for swimmers and there was enough for a dress, so I ran it up. It had to skim but not be too tight so I machine basted the shoulders and side seams and made her try it on before finishing it. The pattern is OOP Simplicity 4699 Wardrobe Elements. I used the top extended into a dress. I bound the neckline and turned it to the inside and stitched. The armholes were just overlocked then turned in  and topstitched. She was very happy with the dress and the fit and posed for a photo but didn't want to do hair or make up so this is a very cropped and basic shot. I'd love to take one of her all glammed up  but kids, you know. The yard is a jungle because this was the first time in a week that it has stopped raining!

OOP Simplicity 4699

On other things I have bought my very first Lekala pattern ever and plan to get around to it when the weather cools down. Anyone recognise this little controversial jacket ;)

Happy Sewing,
I made someone happy with mine,

Progressive Stash Tally 2017
Fabric - unchanged because I used DD's material
Patterns - I bought which brings it to 2


  1. It's a great top pattern and works really well as a dress.

  2. Wonderful little dress! The jacket - now I have to go google it!

  3. Duh - of course, THE jacket and THE controversy :-) Hit me as soon as I hit Enter on my first comment. Yay!! :-)

  4. Hmm I don't know any controversy or "the Jacket" but I'm guessing it's like one that Melania Trump wore? No hints from Coco above tho!

  5. Oh I like that pattern and is similar to one I've been stalking on Lekala.

  6. Yes ladies it's Lekala's version of Melania's inauguration jacket..

  7. Super cute dress and your daughter must be thrilled! And love that jacket! Loved it the moment I first saw it on Melania! :)

  8. Made to order dress for your daughter and it looks party perfect.