Thursday, 30 March 2017

Simplicity 8014 Shirtdress

 For a few months now I've had plans to make this popular Simplicity shirtdress. There are quite a few versions floating around the internet and now I've made mine! The pattern is a good one. It's body skimming and shaped to look ok belted or unbelted. Nice drafting. Beware though - it's short. I did the longer length of view C to make it a bit more trans-seasonal and I left off the collar but kept the stand because I liked it better that way. Adjustments:  a scant half cm added to the centre back neck on all pieces and 1 cm added to the height of the patch pockets. Nothing else. I did a 14 out of the packet but on next versions I will turn the back gathers into an inverted pleat, add a bit more ease across the high hip and move the inside pockets up by 2.5 cm. The sleeves, which I wear turned up, are a weeny bit longer than I like but all these are usual-to-me tweaks for my body. I highly recommend this pattern.

Original sleeve length and fully buttoned but really, I'll be wearing it like it is in the shot below.

I'm starting to post shots on Instagram. 
Happy sewing,

Stash fabric, pattern and notions used.

Stash tally 2017:  Fabric Used from stash 14
                             Patterns purchased  2
                             Material purchased 3


  1. A perfect shirtdress Val. I have trialled a number of shirt dress patterns, still looking for 'the one', for my length of denim. Have not tried this one, but am impressed that it is such a beautiful fit - and I like the way you left the collar stand, which would be my preference also. Am now following you on Insty.

    1. Thanks Patricia. I wish I'd done a lightly looser version in big checks during summer. I plan to make one later!

  2. Really nice, and the fabric is so fresh and pretty. I like your changes - this is a great style for you!

  3. Super cute dress! Agree with Coco this is a great style for you. :)

  4. I really like the close fit of this pattern. Shirtmakers can look frumpy if the cut is loose. Great fabric too.

  5. It's been a while since I made a dress...very nice.
    Coffee is on

  6. Very stylish shirtdress and it looks great on you.