Monday, 17 April 2017

Simplicity 8014 Shirtdress

I finished my shirtdress and it's already one of my favourite garments. For this one I made it looser through both the body and the sleeves on purpose. I wanted it to be a breezy in-between weather garment. The days can still be quite warm here after cool mornings so the ability to roll up the sleeves is a bonus. The linen is one of those serendipitous fabrics that softened upon washing and wearing and does not need ironing.

The nitty gritty: I had previously added 1cm through the centre of the collar and the stand and the yoke. I added a total of 3cm to the centre back of the dress and turned the back gathers into a pleat. I added .7 of a cm to the side seams, and half a cm each side to the width of the sleeves. I lengthened the sleeves by 18 cm. This included a deep hem of 5cm plus a 1.5 cm turn under.

I've set up a 'studio' of sorts in my living room. It consists of a white sheet backed by a white tablecloth and hung from a wooden pole on two hooks, like a curtain.  I really should remove the picture and the noticeboard from behind this rig as I have a bit of yellowish strike through. It's a work in progress, like everything else but I think the details of my sewing are a more visible and it's quicker and easier than being on display outside. I'll still try to do some outdoor shots though...

I'm running up a quick skirt muslin using a self draft with this pattern's skirt hem then I'll be cutting into the materials for my black wool jacket (gulp!)

Happy sewing and happy wearing,

Stash material used this year  14
2017 material purchase used  1
Patterns bought                       2
Material bought                      10  Yes three were added yesterday to fill gaps in my wardrobe but it's
                                                       still more out than in   :))


  1. Love it and you look so pleased with it.

  2. Looks really cute! I like the conversion of the back gathers into pleats.

  3. Excellent, looks great on you Valerie.

  4. What a great dress! the fabric is wonderful, I love linens that wash up soft and rumpled. And this style looks fab on you. Perfect length and sandals. Your backdrop is such a good idea. I've been thinking of how I might do the same, since there's not a single 'empty' wall in my house, and my outside shots are just not working, too much going on.

  5. That's a really nice dress you have sewn. I like it a lot ! Funny how going on a diet - fabric or whatever doesn't seem to work. I have joined a couple of stashbusting forums and ths seems to be finally working for me after saying I will fabric fast for 8 years !

  6. Wow, that style shirt dress looks great on you. Luv the linen check pattern. Everything about it looks perfect.

  7. When I first saw this dress, I thought super cute. When I read it was made out of linen, I realized why you were smiling so lovely in all your photos. I predict that this lovely garment will give you much joy for years to come.

  8. This is an absolutely super sew Val - looks great, and I bet feels great to wear. I really love it - jealous, in fact :)
    btw, met some of your blog followers at the Spoolettes high tea!

  9. Super cute dress!! Especially out of soft linen!! And I really like the way you've set up your 'studio'. I'm with Coco in that there is no empty wall in my home either and think you've got a great idea here! :)

  10. Very cute!! Excellent lining up of the gingham :)

  11. Love the black and white. The fit and style are great on you!